The roof of a house is one of the most important structures in a building. It is always exposed to natural elements such as precipitation and sunshine. In addition to this, the roof is constantly being exposed to strain and stress due to uneven expansion and contraction. It has to handle the ever-changing weather and environmental conditions. However, this is the structure that is neglected most by many people. You will always find people painting their houses, installing new features such as Jacuzzi or bathtubs but you will not find them doing a regular roof upgrade or repair.

Just like any other structure, the roof will get damaged or deteriorate with time if it is not properly maintained. Roofs have a shorter life as compared to the walls, and they should be taken care of to ensure that they are in good condition. Even with the latest roofing designs, the roof is a structure that experiences both horizontal and vertical stresses thereby shortening its lifetime.

What causes roof damage?

The major causes of this damage include

  • Incorrect design
  • Extreme environmental conditions such as gust of wind or hail storm and snow
  • Improper shielding-this will expose your roof to direct sunlight and water
  • Use of poor materials during the construction process
  • Age of the roof
  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes
  • Lack of proper roof maintenance
  • Poor installation

Most of these causes are related to exposure to the natural elements and lack of maintenance. Lack of proper maintenance will make your roof to develop some minor defects and finally get damaged. Roof damage can also be caused by bad storage or use of thin or substandard plywood. Any roof should give proper attention once it develops a flaw to avoid a major problem shortly.


Importance of roof maintenance

Well-maintained roofs can last for long. A roof can be maintained by removing dirt, snow and other debris from the surface on a regular basis. A careful roof inspection should also be done periodically. The attic and the wall next to the roof should also be inspected more frequently. Additionally, it is advisable to consult a roofer whenever your roof is leaking.

On average a good roof should serve you for about 15 years. However, this is for an ideal situation. Practically, the roof will be exposed to moisture and other weather elements all of which will affect its longevity. You should take care of your roof just like any other component within a house.